Our Methods of Rabbit Control

At Riverside Falconry we have a wide and successful range of rabbit control methods to deal with all your rabbit problems. We can offer a humane and versatile rabbit control service that will match any other company with very competitive rates.

If you have any questions or would like us to visit your site to help detail your requirements please feel free to contact us.


Lamping with Birds of Prey

In the same way as we employ dogs at Evergreen rabbit control, hawks are also used in conjunction with the lamp. This effective and unique method is also conducted on foot; the hawk riding on the handler’s fist till the rabbit is illuminated in the beam of light. Once this occurs, the bird is “cast” (sent off) to swiftly intercept and capture its prey. The area we are working is then systematically covered until as many rabbits as possible have been taken. We have found this to be an extremely useful weapon in our armoury especially in public areas.



Professional ferreting is a highly effective form of rabbit control. At Riverside Falconry, with our team of ferrets, and their natural instinct prey on rabbits, we will clear large areas of land in a relatively short space of time. Rabbits bolted by our working ferrets are either caught by placed nets, awaiting dogs or caught by our trained hawks.

Ferrets will naturally bolt rabbits from burrows and our ferrets are trained to flush rabbits from underneath buildings as well as from drain systems.

Ferreting can be carried out all year round however it is normally more cost effective between September and May when there is less vegetation on the ground and the rabbits are not sexually active.


Lamping with Dogs

When a rabbit control problem arises the use of lurchers (specially bred and trained running dogs) is one of the most effective forms of control, one or two dogs are used and when a rabbit is momentarily stunned by the glare of the lamp the dog is slipped from its collar and within moment’s returns with the rabbit unharmed to be very quickly humanely dispatched causing little stress as possible to the rabbit.

The lamping techniques we employ and the experience of our staff at Riverside Falconry allows us to offer a highly effective service meaning we can deal with, and successfully eliminate all rabbit problems you may encounter.





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