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Bird Control

Riverside Falconry offers the most effective and natural nuisance bird deterrent. Unlike artificial deterrents, there is no way for a pigeon or seagull to outsmart a bird-of-prey. Our falcons will scatter flocks of seagulls within seconds; and the effect is a lasting highly effective seagull control method.


Our falcon only need fly for up to two per week to create an effective “no fly zone” to nuisance birds.


Why choose falconry to control your problem?

•The falconry effect does not diminish over time; pigeons and gulls do not become habituated to the presence of birds-of-prey.

•There are no unsightly installations; the area remains unchanged.

•A reduction in seagull droppings and their associated cleaning costs.

•Eliminating damage caused by droppings to roofing, guttering, vents and air conditioning units.

•Improved sight, smell and hygiene in the area.

•No more nest sites on your premises.

Pigeons and Gulls will not settle where there are natural predators; the very presence of Falcons and Hawks will create a no-fly zone to flocks of unwanted Pigeons and Gulls. Our birds will only need to fly once or twice per week to have the maximum impact on a nuisance bird population.


Artificial bird decoys will only have a short term effect on pigeon and gull roost control. It is a fact that birds are intelligent animals and quickly adapt. It will not take long for a bird to realise that artificial decoys pose no threat at all.

Riverside Falconry offers a deterrent with the use of predatory species to displace nuisance birds and pigeons.


Highly effective and we guarantee pigeons and gulls do not become habituated with the presence of our natural predators.

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