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1: Private Photo Day Bookings.

Our 1-1 Photography Sessions are great for all levels of photographer who wish to capture stunning images of birds of prey in their natural environment and in flight.

Each session will be held in our wooded valley and orchard over the space of three hours working with a range of Hawks and Owls, native and non-native.

Professional 1-1 tutoring is available on request.

£70pp. Refreshments included.


2: Photography Workshops.

Our Photography Workshops cater for up to 12 people, ideal  for all levels of photographer we split this 5 hour session in to 2 section. First we take 3 birds of prey including Hawks and Owls in to the natural surroundings of our historic open used mine shaft to capture these magnificent bird s in flight. We then break for refreshments and the change to photograph some of our exotic pets before heading in to our stunning seasonal wooded valley to capture more of our birds in their natural environment for the perfect portrait shots. Professional tutoring is included in this package.

Price: £25pp


3: Hawks on the hunt Workshops.

Please email  or call for more details.


4: Golden Eagle Photography Sessions.

In these private sessions you will get the rare chance to photography the King of the Kirds, the majestric Golden Eagle.

In the session lasting around 4 hours you will be able to capture breath taking shots of these magnificent birds up close in a natural enviroment for portrait shots before heading out in the the fields to capture the true size of those wings in flight.

Price £120pp


please note that bookings are all held outdoors so are

weather dependant.  







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