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Rabbit Control

Pigeon and Gull Control

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Riverside  Falconry specialise in using birds of prey to deter roosting, nesting, feeding or colonies of pigeons, seagulls and other nuisance birds. The birds we fly are captive bred in the UK,  We to use only Harris hawks.




Birds of prey are used as a deterrent, they do not catch any of the nuisance birds, the birds have to be flown regular over the site which installs into the pest bird that this is a falcons/hawks territory therefore not a safe place to roost and colonise.

This practice tends to be used in areas that are very much in front of the public to ease the concerns of the public, where trapping or bird proofing may not work or be suitable, i.e. Listed buildings, Stadiums, City centres.


We also specialise in nuisance rabbit control using our specially trained, hawks, ferrets and dogs as well as some of the most effective trapping devices available. We will use the most effective techniques that will suit your problem to ensure that your rabbit population is eradicated in the fastest yet most humane way possible.


All our Pest control technicians are fully trained, with an extensive knowledge and understanding of pest birds and rabbits, therefore having maximum impact when clearing a site.

If you wish us to give you a quote or would like more information on Pest Control contact us on:

All of our staff are highly skilled with many years of experience and will provide an efficient and discreet service  


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