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Hawks on the Hunt




Using our own bred and trained Harris hawks , you will have the opportunity to see what birds of prey are designed for, be able to appreciate their natural behaviours and witness some truly breath-taking flying.


This day is largely off site and we walk up to six miles, so please bare in mind that this experience is not for the faint of heart. You will be doing what all falconers do, walking game up, beating for the hawks helping with the ferrets and watching the birds work. It is vary rare that we are unsuccessful but make no guarantee that the birds will catch anything but we can promise an amazing day out in the countryside with some truly exceptional creatures.


Please wear clothing suitable to the weather a good pair of walking boots, a spare pair of socks and walking stick are also useful.

We have access to over 5000  acres of hunting ground with plenty of quarry to be found with the added use of the dogs and ferrets  where needed.


The day will begin at 9 am with one of our falconers demonstrating some of the techniques and methods of handling and training the hunting birds and the equipment used.


We then move into the countryside either walking from the centre or a short drive to spend the morning hunting with the Harris hawks, they will be in pursuit of an array of  different quarries such as rabbit, hare and pheasant.

We break for a light lunch (soup and a sandwich) around 12:30 pm before heading back out with the falcons or Gos hawk  to try couple of flights at corvids.


The day will conclude around 3pm but not before a demonstration of preparing what the birds have caught

The cost of the day including lunch is £150 pp

Unfortunately there are no guests allowed on our hunting days.

Maximum group size is 5 people.

A fantastic opportunity to see falconry in practice.

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