1.Basic Hawk Handling:                                                                                

A "hands on" introduction to the art of falconry. After a short history of the sport we move on to the legalities of owning and flying a bird of prey, before discussing the advantages of the various types and species used. Practical work commences with the use and fitting of the different items of basic equipment. You will learn how to safely pick up a hawk, carry it and replace it securely. With this mastered it is time to move on to the early stages of training the bird of prey to come to the gloved fist. This progresses through "manning", to short flights on a line, up to and including free flight. You will handle 3 or 4 different birds during this course.  This course will last 4 hours and cost £70 per person.


2.Advanced Hawk Handling:                                                                      

Moves away from the classroom and out to the open country. This module covers the preparation and practice of free-flying a hawk and is recommended before you contemplate going hawking with us or, more seriously, getting a hawk of your own.  The vital matter of  weight management and recording starts the session and you will learn how to transport the hawk safely and comfortably, how to equip it for the hunting field and how to use tracking equipment.

You will see the hawk working with trained dogs and practice calling it back and getting it to follow. At the end of the session you will replace its day-to-day equipment and carry out the various health checks and recording that is part of the falconer's responsibilities. This course can last upto 8 hours and cost £150 per person.


3.Hawk Management:                                                                                        

This is largely a theoretical course for those who are intending to obtain their own hawk. Covers every aspect of housing and feeding, including the design of your own facilities. We teach you what to look for when carrying out routine health checks and how to perform the basic routines that arise. You will repair broken feathers and learn to "cope" (trim claws and beaks).  A very necessary aspect is how to securely restrain the hawk for treatment or examination. This course will last approximatley 4 hour at a cost of £70 per person

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