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Bushcraft Survival

Campcraft: Pitching a light weight expedition style base camp

•Establishing base-camp

•Camp routines and protocols

•Water & fuel storage.

•Stoves & lanterns

•Expedition kitchen set-up


Expedition shelters: personal/ group shelters, environmental considerations

•Group shelters – parachutes, tarps, shade nets

•Personal shelter systems - Bashas, bivies, hammocks & tents


Personal equipment selection

•Fire: Safety considerations, environmental impact, expedition considerations

•Fire safety - choosing a fire site, extinguishing & clearing fire sites

•Principles of wood selection

•Burning properties of different woods

•Fire starting

•Establishing a fire & fire lays

•Environmentally specific techniques & low impact considerations


Expedition cooking

•Butchering a fish / small mammal / bird

•Fire management for cooking


Water safety

•Finding Water – environmental considerations

•Selection of Source – environmental considerations

•Collecting and transporting water – environmental considerations

•Potential Dangers in water supplies

•Water Purification Strategy



Expedition planning and preparation:

•Expedition planning & preparation

•Environmental impact assessments

•Risk assessments

•Equipment selection & use

Our Bushcraft Survival course provides a solid foundation of bushcraft knowledge upon which you can build and develop. It is the perfect place to expand your knowledge of these ancient skills and is a challenging and immensely rewarding experience. Our experienced instructors will demonstrate and carefully explain each technique before providing guidance to help you gain the skills required.

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