Animal Assisted Development

Animal assisted therapy is used as an alternative therapy tool within psychology. It is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure and developing behavioural, emotional and social development.


“Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms”.                      George Eliot


The interaction and relationship between people and animals has also been shown to promote wellbeing. It can also increase socialisation; improve self-esteem & confidence; promote quality of life & encourage nurturance & responsibility.


When animal assisted therapy is used with people who display behavioural difficulties, these people demonstrate fewer stereotyped behaviours and increased socially appropriate behaviours.


Our unique program will use birds of prey, dogs and other animals and tailor courses to the individual pupil with the aim to develop their behavioural, emotional and social development.  Each session use aspects of the sport of falconry and bird handling and link them to the needs of the pupil.


Each session will be led by our lead falconer who has over 10 years’ experience in working with every aspect of challenging, disruptive and disengaged behaviours.


Group or Individual Pet Therapy Sessions

All sorts of people gain therapeutic results from all manner of critter – some choices, and the effects thereof, are very surprising. For maximum therapeutic benefit, sessions should be held regularly, rather than as an ad-hoc activity.

We could also bring our birds for therapy within :


•Mental Health Services


•Schools (proven to improve behaviours & attendance)


•Care Homes

•Behavioural Units and Organisations (such as CAMHS, autistic, ADHD)

•Fostering Organisations

•Neuro/Physical Rehab Services


•Community Invisible Illness Groups


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